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William Dinkel talks with us about his experience launching and shutting down one startup, then hitting it big with Nova.ai, which was one of the early successful AI sales tools years ago before all the ChatGPT-inspired hype hit recently, and getting acquired by Highspot. He tells us the real details on what it’s like to startup a company, go through multiple incubators, get acquired, and integrate the product into a much larger suite of sales tools at Highspot

Chad and Steve talk about recent AI developments

Should engineering report to Product Management or should Product Management function solely through influence over other organzations? Listen to Alex Francoeur, Head of Product at Xata and formerly Director of Product Management at Elastic covering the Kibana Platform, talk about how to be a successful Product Manager and how your role changes as you move up to managing other Product Managers.

How are HR practices changing in the modern world of Digital-First employment? What kinds of skills are companies looking for in field-facing personnel, how do they interview for them and what analytics are being used in the HR Process? How should companies be utilizing new AI tools like ChatGPT to make their people more effective? Dawn Mitchell, Chief People Officer at HackerOne and board member at Happyly talks with us about all of these topics and more.

Are Sales Reps still needed? Should Sales Reps and SAs have a variable commission plan? Eric Heikkila, who formerly led all of GTM/Sales for AWS Databases Globally, is now the GTM leader for the hot new serverless data caching startup Momento. He sat down with us to really geek out about how they’re approaching the sales motion given that they can start from scratch and aren’t weighed down by existing legacy sales structure and process. Listen to see how he answers these questions, and many more like product-led vs. sales-led growth, selling directly vs. through a cloud marketplace  Read More

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by Gaurav Gupta, General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners where he’s led investments into notable tech companies such as Grafana Labs, Clickhouse, Hasura and others. Before joining Lightspeed, Gaurav was VP of Product at Elastic and Splunk. Gaurav goes pretty deep into what it’s like to move into the Venture Capital space, and his process for how he decides to invest in a founder/company and how that varies at the different company stages (Seed, Series A, Series B). Also he gives us some real talk on the current state of the VC world during the current pull back.

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by Noelle Silver, Partner of AI & Analytics at IBM. Noelle has previously held executive roles at NPR, and Microsoft after beginning her career as a developer and Solution Architect at Amazon, Pivotal, and Red Hat. Noelle is also the founder and CEO of the AI Leadership Institute. Noelle spends some time in this episode talking about how to get more women into the Solution Architect career path and then we dive into ethical issues in AI.

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by Ben Sabrin, CRO of the bootstrapped startup ngrok which provides software to securely tunnel through any NAT or firewall. Ben is a seasoned sales veteran having served in various VP and CRO positions at JBoss/Red Hat, MongoDB, Rackspace, and ScaleFT/Okta.

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by Brian Stevens, CEO of Boston-based Deep Learning Startup Neural Magic. Brian was previously CTO and VP of Google Cloud and also the CTO and EVP of Red Hat. We start off the episode by learning about how Neural Magic is democratizing access to sparse deep learning models and then dive into topics of AI/ML and how it affects the world around us.