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Jason A. Voss, CFA joins us to talk about the new software platform his company launched to analyze documents like corporate financial statements for deception. Backtesting for his algorithms show staggering possibilities for financial return (outperforming the market by 980%) by investing in companies that tell the truth the most. Along the way he also gives us some tips and tricks for detecting deception in your every day life as well. We end the pod with his breakdown of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the deception that his algorithms found in their financial reporting in the years leading up to the bank’s collapse.

William Dinkel talks with us about his experience launching and shutting down one startup, then hitting it big with Nova.ai, which was one of the early successful AI sales tools years ago before all the ChatGPT-inspired hype hit recently, and getting acquired by Highspot. He tells us the real details on what it’s like to startup a company, go through multiple incubators, get acquired, and integrate the product into a much larger suite of sales tools at Highspot

Should engineering report to Product Management or should Product Management function solely through influence over other organzations? Listen to Alex Francoeur, Head of Product at Xata and formerly Director of Product Management at Elastic covering the Kibana Platform, talk about how to be a successful Product Manager and how your role changes as you move up to managing other Product Managers.