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Tanya Bragin is the VP of Product at ClickHouse, a very fast open source OLAP databases used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Tanya was hired to lead the effort to build a SaaS offering of ClickHouse, having previously served in similar roles as a VP of Product at Elastic. Come listen to Tanya’s unique insights about how to take an open source project to market with a SaaS offering including how to engage and motivate the engineering team, deciding which features to build, acquire, or buy, how to hire and set goals for IC PMs, and most importantly HOW TO SET PRICING.

Stormy Peters began her journey into the world of open source in 2002 when she created and managed HP’s Open Source Program Office and ever since then she’s been high-flying in various open source ecosystems. She was the executive director and later a board member of the Gnome Foundation, a director of the Mozilla development network, she sat on the board of directors for the Software Freedom Conservancy, she was VP of Developer Relations for the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and she was Director of the Open Source Programs Office at Microsoft. Currently she is on the board of directors at the  Read More