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Shane is a deep expert in the search and indexing space having started his career at Autonomy working on early search indexing algorithms and setting up solutions for customers before and after the HP acqusition, later leading Product for the Elasticsearch side of the Elastic product suite. Now he’s Head of Product at Vectara building out the next generation of semantic search and retrieval augmented generation platforms. In this episode we touch on benchmarks for gauging the relative performance of difference search algorithms and how it applies to LLMs for doing things like preventing  Read More

Francesca Krihely-Price is an expert in the space of SaaS Marketing and Growth, having built several multi-billion dollar businesses with explosive growth at MongoDB and Synk. Now she’s doing the same thing as the Head of Marketing at Oso, and also investing and advising companies along similar lines on the side. Francesca joins us to talk about her lessons learned growing those successful businesses like how to hire or set KPIs for DevRel teams differently for different stages of the company and her approach to angel investing and advising early-stage startups. Also, watch until the very end when Steve drops a knowledge bomb out of nowhere right before we have to leave the studio!

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by the brilliant Product Strategy and Marketing expert Brad Murdoch, EVP Strategy & Product at Lightbend and board member at Permission.io. We breakdown the latest Snowflake 10K to talk about how their cloud first and multi-cloud strategy affects the way other people do business in the data warehouse space. We drill down with Brad and ask him everything we could think of about marketing enterprise software. Are Gartner and Forrester still relevant? How important is it to use new channels like Clubhouse, Twitch, Discord, and Twitter Spaces  Read More