Tag: Ethics

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by Gaurav Gupta, General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners where he’s led investments into notable tech companies such as Grafana Labs, Clickhouse, Hasura and others. Before joining Lightspeed, Gaurav was VP of Product at Elastic and Splunk. Gaurav goes pretty deep into what it’s like to move into the Venture Capital space, and his process for how he decides to invest in a founder/company and how that varies at the different company stages (Seed, Series A, Series B). Also he gives us some real talk on the current state of the VC world during the current pull back.

Your hosts Steve Mayzak and Chad Tindel are joined by Noelle Silver, Partner of AI & Analytics at IBM. Noelle has previously held executive roles at NPR, and Microsoft after beginning her career as a developer and Solution Architect at Amazon, Pivotal, and Red Hat. Noelle is also the founder and CEO of the AI Leadership Institute. Noelle spends some time in this episode talking about how to get more women into the Solution Architect career path and then we dive into ethical issues in AI.