About Can I get that software in blue?

Can I get that software in blue? is a hot-air balloon ride exploring the whimsy and caprice of enterprise software marchitecture sales hosted by the world’s foremost aeronauts.

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Chad Tindel

Chad Tindel (He/Him)

Chad Tindel is a Principal NoSQL Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) as well as an MBA and MS Finance from the University of Denver. After 12 years of writing code professionally, Chad discovered that he really loved working with customers and has since worked at a slate of very successful companies as a Solution Architect: Red Hat, Cloudera, MongoDB, Prevoty, Elastic, and AWS.

Steve Mayzak

Steve Mayzak (He/Him)

Steve Mayzak is Vice President, Global Solution Engineering at Grafana Labs. He is a builder of pre-sales teams having previously built the Solution Architect team at Elastic, Inc. from the ground up until post-IPO and is now working on doing the same thing at Grafana Labs.